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Miami, Florida, United States
The TropiCool® Water Chiller is designed to lower the temperature of your swimming pool to a refreshing and enjoyable experience throughout the summer. A heat pump gives you consistent performance, while evaporative cooling systems struggle to keep up in humid climates. Set your desired temperature to maintain Helps conserve water, does not work on evaporation Consistent performance regardless of humidity Titanium heat exchanger impervious to harsh water chemistry New SMART control panel with 24 character full-text display provides easy-to-read menu options and unit status TC1500 features the world’s ONLY integrated AquaTop which ensures optimal air flow for maximum efficiency and prevents debris from getting inside the heat pump Ability to chill as low as 40° F for cold plunge pools TC500 for cold plunge up to 2,000 gallons TC1000 for cold plunge up to 3,000 gallons TC1500 for cold plunge up to 4,000 gallons Cold plunge pool sizes refer to residential use only. The bather load of a commercial plunge pool will require a larger unit. PoolSync Ready Now you can control your heat pump right through your smartphone. Adjust your temperature setting in the PoolSync app. *Additional purchase of PoolSync WiFi Controller required