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Miami, Florida, United States
Part #: PRO2US, PRO3US, PRO4US, PRO5US, and PRO6US Versatile chlorine generator that can be sized for any commercial pool. Produces up to 15.72 lbs. of chlorine per day. The Professional unit offers luxurious water and so much more! Eliminates chlorine storage Reduce pH problems Slash chemical bills Improve indoor air quality – Each power supply controls up to six cells (convection or in-line configuration). – Models to fit every demand. – Special commercial cells, self cleaning with soft reverse. – Assures longer life and reduced maintenance. – Operates safely at all salt levels. Self protecting. – Produces up to 15.72 lbs. of chlorine per day. – One power supply for easy installation. – Temperature compensated output. – Assures constant level of production. – Digital panel displays independently monitored cell performance. – Constant accurate feedback on each power board and cell. – Compatible with ORP controllers. – Maintains optimum chemical levels. New enclosure door features a window and light pipes for viewing the digital display and system status LEDs with the door closed. Part #. Description PRO2US Prof. w/ 2 power supplies & 2 com. cell manifold PRO3US Prof. w/ 3 power supplies & 3 com. cell manifold PRO4US Prof. w/ 4 power supplies & 4 com. cell manifold PRO5US Prof. w/ 5 power supplies & 5 com. cell manifold PRO6US Prof. w/ 6 power supplies & 6 com. cell manifold