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Miami, Florida, United States
Perfect for: Grocery Stores, Roaster Samples The MCD is a professional high capacity grinder, perfect for a grocery store or for grinding samples of a roast for customers. Made out of die-casted aluminum and a high power motor the MCD has been built from the ground up to grind a large amount of beans in a small amount of time. -- MCD On-Demand Features Micrometric grind adjustment With Micrometric grind adjustment the barista can adjust the grind to the smallest of adjustments at any point in the process of grinding. Stainless steel 65mm burrs This grinder comes standard with Steel Burrs . Allowing the ability to grind up to 1500 pounds of coffee before requiring replacement. Portafilter Holder This grinder is capable of holding the portafilter while it is dosing, meaning that the barista can operate other equipment during the grinding process. Transparent bean hopper The Large 2 lb hopper means you can grind more beans before refilling is necessary. Die-cast aluminum body Built to last the MCD On-Demand is made of a hardened aluminum body