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Miami, Florida, United States
Rechargeable sprayer; 90-minute spray per charge
Cordless convenience
Lightweight, just 15 pounds!
70 PSI pump
Upholstery wand with 5001 t-jet
The Multi‑Sprayer Cordless Battery Sprayer offers spraying capability that is far superior to that of ordinary pump-up sprayers. Instead of struggling with a pump-up sprayer that only sprays solution for a minute or so before you need to pump it again, the Cordless Multi-Sprayer sprays for 90 continuous minutes on a single charge!

Recharging the Cordless Multi-Sprayer is a snap. Just plug in the 16-foot charging cord (included), and then interface it with the 12-volt battery in your car or truck mount. While you're driving to your next job, your sprayer is charging up so it'll be ready to get to work when you arrive.

Powered by a 70 PSI pump with solvent-resistant viton seals, this sprayer is ideal for fast, easy application of carpet and upholstery protectors, pre-sprays, detergents, spotters, deodorizers, ceiling cleaners, carpet dyes and more!

The Multi‑Sprayer Cordless Battery Sprayer is fitted with a great tote handle (locks in up or down position), which makes carrying the unit around a breeze. It also comes with a 2-foot stainless steel carpet wand, a 8004 T-jet, and a 5001 T-jet.

More Information
Capacity: 2 Gallons
Material: Plastic
PSI: 70
Category: Electric Sprayers
Condition: new