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Miami, Florida, United States
Phosphates are important contributors to algae and pathogen growth which, in turn, increase chlorine consumption and filter loading. For healthy pool maintenance, test phosphate levels regularly to keep them low.
Features: 50 test strips, 0 – 2500 ppb Fights algae & staining, breaks down contaminants Accurate and easy to read Results in just 15 seconds Includes reacted sample tube to read test results Need to lower phosphate level? Use Lo-Phos Max. The Phosphate pool and spa strips provide very quick and reliable water test results: 0 – 2500 ppb. Phosphates are important contributors to algae growth and can reduce the effectiveness of some automated chlorination systems. This unique test allows the user to read low range test results by looking down into the reacted sample tube. Test instructions are on the bottle along with a color chart. Keep phosphates below 300 ppb to avoid problems in your pool. The unique bottle has a molded desiccant liner that protects the strips from moisture intrusion. It is important to keep moisture away from unused strips so they can provide an accurate test to help protect bathers and pool or spa equipment.