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Miami, Florida, United States
1,000 CFM of clean HEPA-filtered air
Earn up to 70% more rental income
Compact size allows for one-person operation
Includes a standard HEPA filter and 2-inch pleated filter
Weighs just 91 pounds
Excellent Return on the Investment
Dollar for dollar, no other air scrubber on the market delivers the return on investment of the HEPA 1000.

In fact, you can earn up to 70% more rental income over your current air scrubber.

But don't take our word for it. Check it out for yourself-
Use Xactimate code WTRNAFAN> to see the rental rate for the Ultimate Air HEPA 1000 and then compare it to the rental rate you use on your current air scrubber.

The reason why the HEPA 1000 earns a higher rental rate is because of its powerful impeller-style blower.
It produces 1,000 CFM of clean, HEPA-filtered air. And when we say clean, we mean CLEAN!

Powerful HEPA Filtration and a Unique Design
Other air scrubbers are designed so that the air enters the unit, passes through the filter, and finally enters the motor where it gets pumped back into the job site. Because the motor is the last part the air passes through, it picks up dirt and carbon dust—exactly what you don't want in your restoration area.

With the HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine, on the other hand, the blower is located behind the HEPA filter. Air passes through the filter, not the motor, as the very last step. That means air being released into your restoration environment is the absolute cleanest air possible.
Plus, the HEPA 1000 pulls air from side to side—not top to bottom—so you collect more particles as they settle from walls and ceilings down to floor-level in the restoration area.
These design features will soon become an industry-standard feature in every air scrubber. But for now, this advanced, cutting-edge technology is only available in the HEPA 1000 from Jon-Don.

More Power in a Compact Package
The HEPA 1000 uses a powerful impeller-style motor system as opposed to a standard blower wheel, allowing you to have longer duct runs and push air into tight places such as attics and crawlspaces.

This design also gives you the ability to handle larger jobs. In fact, you can achieve four (4) air exchanges in a 1,850-square-foot basement with 8-foot ceilings! What used to take two machines can now be achieved with just one.

And since the HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber can handle such large jobs with ease, you can use it with confidence on smaller jobs and still get great rental rates.
You'll also love the compact size, which lets one technician load, unload, and transport the unit with ease. Some air scrubbers are big and bulky, requiring at least two technicians to maneuver them into place. But the HEPA 1000 is compact and weighs just 91 lbs, so one tech is all you need!

Flexible Filtering Options
The HEPA 1000 uses a cylindrical HEPA filter, which is more efficient because it offers greater surface area to capture dirt, particles, and debris, and it also results in a significantly longer life cycle of the filter. You get great results, clean air, and your filter lasts longer, saving you money in the long term.

Comes standard with a HEPA filter and 2-inch pleated filter. You don't need to stock 2 pre-filters - just one 2" pre-stage filter easily does the work of two 1" filters.

For odor removal
Substitute the 2-inch pre-filter for a 1-inch pleated filter and a 1-inch carbon filter:

• 1-inch pleated filter
• 1-inch activated carbon filter

Here's another terrific feature you'll love: the HEPA 1000 has a Change Filter Light that tells you when it's time to change the HEPA filter. No more guesswork, no more changing your filter too early. You can be confident that you're getting the maximum performance out of your filter.

Changing the filter is a breeze. You don't need multiple tools and an engineering degree to swap out your filters. The screws are universal, and a single socket wrench will do the trick. In fact, you can change the HEPA filter in less than five minutes!

Built-In Collars for Full Ducting Options
The HEPA 1000 features two built-in 12" collars: one on the intake side and one on the discharge side. This handy feature makes it easy to connect ducting to the unit so you can get to work right away instead of having to waste time searching for and installing duct collars later.

The flexible ducting options of this unit allow it to be used as a negative air machine, a great feature when working in contaminated or highly sensitive environments.

Comfortable, User-Friendly Design
Features ergonomic handgrips that make it easy to grip and maneuver the unit around. It sets up and tears down in seconds. Plus, the over-sized wheels make for easy one-person transport from job to job.

Look Professional - Be Professional
The HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber is made from galvanized sheet metal that not only makes for a compact unit that's easy to store on the truck or in your shop, but it also just plain looks cool.

When you wheel the HEPA 1000 onto the job, you'll attract lots of attention - from customers and adjusters alike. The industrial gray metal design and bright red decal help to reinforce the higher rental category and position your company as "the experts" when it comes to disaster recovery.

Plus, the metal corrosion-resistant and is easy to decontaminate - a feature that's especially important as you move from job to job.
Key Specs:

Air flow: 1,000 CFM
Power: 3.4 amps, 120 volts, 60 Hz
Safety: ETL certified to UL 474 and CSA 22.2 no. 92
Decibels: 60.5 dB
Dimensions: 22.81”H x 38.56” D x 22.71” W
Weight: 91 lbs
Power Cord: 25-feet
Intake Duct Size: 12-inch
Output Duct Size: 12-inch
More Information
Amps 3.4
Volts 110/120
Air Scrubber CFM Rating 1000
Material Stainless Steel
Operating Speeds 1-Speed
Ductable Yes
Weight 91 lbs
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Category Air Scrubbers
Warranty Information 1 Year All Components, includes Freight and Labor
Condition new


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