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Miami, Florida, United States
Chlor-Nix was created to quickly reduce chlorine levels into a desired range. Use to avoid the problems that high chlorine levels create and allow metal stain removers to do their job.
Features: Lowers chlorine and bromine levels Fast acting Perfect for reducing chlorine shock Ideal for use with Multi-Stain Remover Works with salt systems Chlor-Nix drops chlorine levels in just minutes. Fast action means that stain treatments like Multi-Stain Remover can be used without lengthy delays, and bathers can re-enter pools quickly after a shock treatment. This crystal formula is concentrated; use just two ounces (about two capfuls) to reduce chlorine by 1ppm in 15,000 gallons of water. Our wide-mouth 1 lb. bottle fits comfortably in your hand for easy dosing directly into the water.