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Miami, Florida, United States
Tie Down 13891 Alsipercha Overhead Inverted "L" Fall Arrest 14ft-3in x 8ft-2in Personal overhead fall protection system for the stage of the framework decking process, or installation of: guardrails, gallows-type safety nets, framework risers, and in general all framework assembly activities that entail the risk of falling from heights, can be carried out in an entirely safe manner. The ALSIPERCHA and related equipment is designed to provide portable fall protection for workers subjected to fall hazards during leading edge construction. A safety system, especially useful for PERIMETERS. The system provides fall protection while installing: boards, safety handrails, gallows-type safety nets, form work risers and all activities involved in form work assembly where there is risk of falling from a height. Easy to assemble and use, does not require external installers. Meets or Exceeds: Engineered according to ANSI Z359.6 and CSA Z259.1standards. Tie Down 13892 Alsipercha Tripod 10ft Component that supports and stabilizes the Alsipercha. Dimensions: 10’’ round folded. The TRIPOD is an accessory used to take full advantage of the Alsipercha by providing an effective overhead up to 23 feet in height. Easy and simple to install, the Tripod is combined with the Alsipercha system and will provide full fall protection to users. Systems range in height between 16.5 feet to 23 feet. The Tripod provides a wide range of potential uses, being specially effective for loading-unloading vehicles, a critical stage where there is a high risk of users falling from height. Meets or Exceeds: This Alsipercha Tripod system meets the updated 2017 OSHA 1910. Subpart D standard. Features and Specs: Unfold and connect the 3 tripod legs by the use of the built-in connector. Drill and connect the anchor, tighten the nuts to ensure the firmness of the tripod. By the use of a proper lifting equipment, insert the Alsipercha through the central hole of the tripod. The user is ready to connect to the SRL, and start using the system.