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Miami, Florida, United States
Alsipercha Overhead Inverted "L" Fall Arrest 14ft-3in x 8ft-2in Personal overhead fall protection system for the stage of the framework decking process, or installation of: guardrails, gallows-type safety nets, framework risers, and in general all framework assembly activities that entail the risk of falling from heights, can be carried out in an entirely safe manner. The ALSIPERCHA and related equipment is designed to provide portable fall protection for workers subjected to fall hazards during leading edge construction. A safety system, especially useful for PERIMETERS. The system provides fall protection while installing: boards, safety handrails, gallows-type safety nets, form work risers and all activities involved in form work assembly where there is risk of falling from a height. Easy to assemble and use, does not require external installers. Meets or Exceeds: Engineered according to ANSI Z359.6 and CSA Z259.1standards. Features and Specs. Provides a fall factor “0”: The SRL connected to the overhead position of the Alsipercha stops the descent of the worker in case of a fall. Combine with an ANSI rated Leading Edge SRL for added protection. Structure made of high quality elastic steel, providing a 360º free rotation, maximizing the freedom of the worker. To be inserted into a conical tube pre-installed on the concrete structure (column/wall). Built-in energy absorber that reduces the impact forces transmitted to the user and the structure, in case of the user fall. Provides a safe area for the worker up to 410 ft.2 (aprox), and a working radius of 21 ft.2. Combined with the use of an ANSI rated self retracting lifeline that helps protect the worker in a fall. Steel structure weight 177 lbs. To be moved and handled by a crane. The benefit to change from one Alsipercha to the next one with full protection will be when the columns are distanced maximum 27 ft. A wide range of accessories are available that allow multiple applications on job sites. Alsipercha Column Clamp 2ft- 6in x 2in Whenever you have a steel column having widths between 6” and 17-3/4” then the Column Clamps accessory is the perfect solution to combine with the Alsipercha and provide an effective overhead fall protection for users. Mainly used into industrial environments, loading or unloading trucks, doing maintenance over machines or buildings with difficult access, the column clamp is the perfect accessory to take full advantage of the Alsipercha overhead fall protection system. The column clamp accessory consists of a pair of adjustable clamps distanced by 3 feet, and a bottom sleeve where the Alsipercha is then going to be positioned. The installation process is quick and simple, being done in just a few steps and by the use of conventional tools. Meets or Exceeds: ANSI Z359.6 / OSHA 1926 Sub M App C – OSHA 1910 Sub I App D; CSA Z259.16 Features and Specs: Accesory that serves as housing for the Alsipercha main body. Column clamp to anchor the Alsipercha body to steel wide flange columns (with dimensions from 6 to 18 inches) Dimensions: 2’ x 6” Step 1: By activating the adjustable mechanism, open the jaws and increase the gap of the jaws enough to place the clamp over the steel column. Adjust the 2 column clamps to fasten them to the steel column, procuring to have a distance between them of at least 3 ft. - 3 in. Step 2: Insert the column clamp sleeve into the lower column clamp, introducing the lug, through the grooves designed to avoid an accidental separation. Step 3: Before installing the Alsipercha, adjust the column clamps, applying a maximum force of up to 50 ft. pounds. Step 4: The column clamp accessory is ready to receive the Alsipercha. By the use of a proper lifting equipment, insert Alsipercha through the central hole of both column clamps up to it rest at the bottom column clamp sleeve. The system is ready to use.