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Miami, Florida, United States
ACA1000 Steam-Electric irons have a cast aluminum alloy sole plate that features a built-in heating element and internal honeycomb design. Drill patterns allow for maximum steam performance at the touch of the electric thumb switch. The grips are made from molded cork for cool comfort. The irons also features a thermal fuse to prevent overheating and include a heat shield hand guard for extra protection. The Steam-Electric Iron comes complete with an electrical cord. All our irons feature a standard electric element, 800 watts. Irons are available in 120 or 240 alternating current only and ready for hook-up with the optional Lowboy Assembly or Steam Regulator. And to top it off we can also add a water spray gun to it for better finishing. -The most reliable Iron ever made. -Monobloc Sole Plate with a 800 W built-in heating element. -Thermostat with two integrated Safety Thermal Fuses engineered to meet industry standards. -Heat Shield -Available in 110 V and 220V to meet any worldwide requirements